Boneless Turkey Breast Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Boneless Turkey Breast with the word Steak added at the end, together with a creamy mushroom sauce can make any dish sound upmarket!

For some reason, we always feel posh names in food (or clothing, or cars, etc) have to cost a lot, be hard to make… something should stand in our way to make it possible for us to have an enjoy.

Well, nothing is further from the truth with this recipe…

I know what you are thinking (not really, but I’ll give it a go!)… how many calories will this creamy sauce have?


As usual, the cream is not real cream (I wouldn’t use so many calories on it!) but the taste is there… so, no tricking the tastebuds! Easy healthy recipes shouldn’t be boring!

Additionally, I used turkey breast with less than 3% fat, as it is leaner than chicken, while at the same time having a richer, deeper flavor.

So, are you ready to enjoy this low calories, easy to make, family friendly meal?

Start chopping!

Turkey Breast Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

A creamy mushroom sauce can make any dish sound upmarket!

If you are cooking for one or have double the amount of mushrooms, feel free to use 250g per portion; cooked this way, the mushrooms have quite a chunky consistency so they are a good way of bulking up this recipe while adding very few calories per portion.

If you can’t find Chestnut Mushrooms, you can use Button Mushrooms instead, which are very common to find.

If you don’t like or have boneless turkey breast, you can substitute it with chicken breast as well, but remember to recount the calories. Both turkey and chicken need to be fully cooked before eating, so, if unsure, cut the steak and check before serving!

If you have full-fat milk, halve the quantity of cream cheese, as it may get a bit too tick too quickly if not! Again, recalculate calories if making this swap, although the difference is minimal in the scale of things.

Should you have fresh parsley instead of dry, go for it! I do use it when I have it, but as the recipe calls for just a bit of it, I don’t want to purchase a whole big bunch. Elle

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