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How to lose belly fat is one of the most researched keywords when talking about diets and exercises, yet it is mostly considered for visual purposes only. While looking good is one of the great consequences of losing belly fat, decreasing the risk of diabetes and cancer are surely two of the best reasons to pursue it!

Visceral fat can have so many negative consequences it is worth spending some time investigating and working towards a thinner middle half, as a lower BMI does not indicate visceral fat is absent. The main suggestions to do so, which are backed by scientific studies, are to increase fiber consumption, avoid trans fats, reduce alcohol intake, carbohydrates, and sugars, increase proteins, and do our beloved cardio exercises!

As you know — and if you don’t I’ll repeat it — I have lost about 110lbs so far and cardio exercises have helped me a lot as they are often the ones that are the most entertaining, such as Zumba, Salsa Aerobics and so on.

These videos that I am sharing, as per the others, are some of my favorite; my favorite videos may not always (or ever) be the hardest ones to do, but I find them entertaining and that is what I felt I needed when I started exercising more (and still need now to keep me going!).

Starting an exercise session knowing I will sweat and have a great time all at once is a great way to get into it!


The best part of this workout? Vicky Justiz showing up how human she is! You may get to a point where you are tired and struggling (very early in the video for me) and she will be right there with you, going through the same struggle.

This is a very quick 10 minute HIIT workout, made of ten sets of 45 seconds of exercise and 15 seconds of rest.

Belly Fat Burner Workout | 20 MIN ABS & HIIT CARDIO Workout At Home | No Jumping

Chloe Ting is so sweet she’ll trick you into starting this workout that you will think is easy… don’t be fooled! This workout has a warmup and two sets of exercises and it starts quite mellow, which is good, but the situation quickly escalates. Fear not, Chloe offers modifications if you are not quite there yet (like me most of the time) or need a bit of an easier day, and this video is only 20 minutes long.

Give it a go and I’m sure planks with bunny hops will be added to the list of exercises you hope won’t show up (burpees is the number one for me!).

Melt away belly fat beginner dance cardio with effective and simple moves, day 3

This is a great beginner’s video! Hana Milly has a nice series of repetitive movements that include breaks and this 8-minute video starts quite easy to then slowly add a bit of cardio, to finish slowing up again. It will go by extremely fast and if you are just starting up, it is a great way to integrate a few moves into your routine.

Do you have any other workouts to reduce belly fat you like to follow? If so, please share them with me as I would like to try them out! ~~ Are you looking for other exercise videos? What about these HIIT videos? Or Indoor Walking Exercises? https://bit.ly/3aIC7aM Elle #bellyfat #bellyfatburn #blueberrypancakesrecipe #exercise #exerciseathome #exercisestodoathome #howtoexerciseathome #howtolosebellyfat #losebellyfat #movement #weightloss




Thank you for being here. If you love cooking with herbs and spices and are looking for your next recipe, then visit ➡️ spiceandlife.com🌞

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Thank you for being here. If you love cooking with herbs and spices and are looking for your next recipe, then visit ➡️ spiceandlife.com🌞

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